Barcelona Parkings in Palau Blaugrana

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Park in Palau Blaugrana

The Palau Blaugrana is an indoor sports facility located on the same site as the Camp Nou, in the city of Barcelona. It is suitable for multiple sports: basketball, indoor hockey, handball and indoor football. The teams of all these sports play their matches in this covered pavilion, which has approximately 7,585 seats for spectators to cheer on their teams.

FC Barcelona's board of directors is working on the Espai Barça project, a project that consists of rebuilding the entire ground on which it stands, including the Palau Blaugrana: its seating capacity will be increased to accommodate 15.000 spectators, double its current capacity. There will also be a Palau Blaugrana 2, with a capacity for 3.000 spectators to host indoor hockey, futsal and handball matches.

Where can I park near the Palau Blaugrana?

Parking near the Palau Blaugrana

During sporting events, the area around the sports complex can be very busy. The Palau Blaugrana has its own parking spaces, but these are mainly reserved for people who work for the club or the management and the spaces available are quite limited.

There are few regulated on-street parking spaces (green or blue zone) near the Palau Blaugrana, which is located next to the Camp Nou. Not only are there few spaces available due to the large crowds at sporting events, but people living in nearby neighbourhoods also park their cars there.

The availability of parking spaces does not meet the demand. Therefore, a very viable option is to move away from the Camp Nou area and into Les Corts, a neighbourhood close to the area. You will have to walk a little further than expected, but you will be able to find a parking space more easily in the streets of Les Corts.

Public car parks in Barcelona near Palau Blaugrana

Another option is to reserve a parking space in advance. Using the Parkimeter website or app, you can compare prices and distances of car parks near the Palau Blaugrana, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Book your parking space in advance to enjoy sporting events without any worries. You won't have to drive around looking for a parking space, or worry about the safety of your car, and you won't have to worry about parking fees, as you can see them in advance.

There are several car parks around the famous sports complex, which houses the Camp Nou, the Palau de Blaugrana, the museum and the FC Barcelona shop.

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