Author: "Cordoba at night" by jorcolma, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons source.

Where To Park in Cordoba

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Car Park in Córdoba

Where To Park in Cordoba
Author: "Mesquita, repeat ad infinitum" by Michael Bryan, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons source.
Park in Córdoba near the historic center can be difficult if you do not ensure your parking. Reserve your parking with Parkimeter an enjoy an unforgettable visit by admiring its Mosque, World Heritage Site, and its streets and courtyards.

Cordoba, the capital of the region of Andalusia in southern Spain, was an important Roman city and the main centre of Islam during the Middle Ages. It still bears the influence of these two great cultures, architecturally and otherwise, which led it to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Visit Cordoba by Car

Visiting the city by car is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the city at leisure, being able to park in central locations with respect to the main attractions. In this article you'll not only find information on the city's main attractions, but also information on where to park at the best price near these attractions.

What to visit in Cordoba?

Cordoba is full of monuments, we recommend that you start your visit to the city with the Mezquita of Cordoba, the most beautiful mosque in Europe. It stands in the centre of the city and was erected over the church of San Vicente. In some places the imposing walls of the structure almost seem to touch the sky. An interesting aspect of this monument dates back to 711 when the structure was used simultaneously by Christians and Muslims.

The city's Arab past resurfaces at every turn and will make you wonder how it is possible that Cordoba is in Europe. The structure that will make you think about this is the Alcazar De Los Reyes Cristianos, a place where kings loyal to the Church were received. You'll be amazed by the gardens surrounding the palace, where you can also admire the immense pools with dancing water jets.

To easily reach these two magnificent structures by car, we recommend that you park at the IC-Centro Historico garage, where you can leave your car at a very convenient price.

From this location we recommend that you drive a few metres to the Guadalquivir River, where you will find the Roman Bridge, commissioned by Augustus. Throughout history it has been the scene of many battles that have deteriorated it, but the 16 arches that support the bridge are still visible. At 240 metres long, the bridge remains the only viable route to Cordoba.

A temple in the city

Another interesting site dating from the Roman presence in Cordoba is the Roman temple. Located in front of the city's town hall, the temple will leave you speechless with its charm. The easiest and safest way to get to the temple with your car is to park at the Paseo de la Victoria car park, which is just a 10-minute walk from the temple, so you can get a better view of the city centre before suddenly finding the temple in front of you.

What to eat in Cordoba

The gastronomy of Cordoba has managed to assimilate the tastes of Arab cuisine, just as it has done with customs. The result is a cuisine with a strong flavour, given the different types of spices used, in which there is a perfect combination of meat and fish.

There are basically two typical dishes of Cordoba, the first of which we invite you to try, even though it may not seem to be to your liking, is the famous oxtail stew, and believe us, once you've had the last bite you'll be asking for seconds.

Another typical dish of the city's cuisine is salmorejo, a gazpacho enriched with eggs, ham and rabbit. It's not a light dish, but on holiday you can put your diet on hold and try this delicacy.

Where to park near Cordoba station?

Parking near Córdoba's train station with Parkimeter is easier than you might expect. Due to the scarcity of parking spaces, we recommend that you reserve your parking space before your arrival at the SABA ADIF garage, located just next to the station.

Cordoba awaits you with its amalgamation of cultures that it has assimilated and exploited to make this place unique in the world. Don't wait any longer and book your trip to the city. And remember, thanks to parkimeter, you will be able to enjoy every journey by car, comparing and choosing the best car park for your needs.

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