Madrid Parkings in Cathedral of the Armed Forces

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Park in Cathedral of the Armed Forces

The Cathedral of the Armed Forces or Cathedral of the Sacrament has been the representative church of the Spanish military ordinariate since 1980, when it became the Castrense Cathedral. This Baroque-style religious temple is located in Madrid, overlooking a square on Calle Mayor and near the Royal Palace.It was built to a design by architect Juan Gómez de Mora from 1671 to 1744, which is considered the year the work was finished.

As for the aesthetic part, it has an exterior made of brick and a Baroque facade composed of granite. In the interior part, on the other hand, also considered the most striking part, we will find a single nave with a dome, wooden altars and wonderful decorations also in Baroque style.

If you are in Madrid or its surroundings and want to visit something less obvious than the usual super tourist locations this church is what you need: the advice is to absolutely go inside to enjoy its most beautiful and surprising part.

One important thing to know is that the Cathedral of the Armed Forces is not always open to the public and its opening hours for visits are limited to the evening from 6 to 8 pm. Alternatively, you can enter in the morning at 9:30 am by attending mass.

Parking near the Cathedral of the Armed Forces.

This basilica is located in the center of the city, and Madrid does not have the reputation of being one of those where finding parking is an easy task: on-street parking lots are often full and even public parking lots are often loaded with cars, especially during the middle hours of the day. We therefore advise you to reserve a parking space in advance to ensure a spot for your car and to enjoy this day with total peace of mind. With Parkimeter you can compare various parking offers and choose the one that best suits your needs and schedule.

Public parking at the Cathedral of the Armed Forces.

The best choice is therefore a public parking near the Cathedral of the Armed Forces: Calle del Sacramento and its surroundings are also a strategic area to visit other Madrid tourist attractions as well, in case you were interested, such as the Royal Palace and Almudena Cathedral, the city's main and most famous.

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