Madrid Parkings in Chueca

Park in Chueca

The Chueca district, located in the heart of Madrid, offers a wide variety of shops, culture, good food, latest trends and entertainment, in a always fashionable area. Traffic and parking are regulated by Madrid Central

**What to visit in Chueca?

It houses the Fernando de Castro Foundation and the Museum of Romanticism, the former palace of the Marquis of Matallana built in 1776, which houses an interesting collection of paintings, furniture and decorative arts from the 19th century, representative of cultural life, Romantic Madrid politics and daily life (works by Goya, Esquivel, Madrazo, Alenza and the Bécquer brothers, among others).

A few metres away is the Palacio de Longoria, one of the few entirely modernist buildings in Madrid. The building, currently the headquarters of the Sociedad General de Autores (SGAE), is crowned with an impressive iron and glass dome.

Straddling Chueca and Malasaña, another must-see is the Museo de Historia, formerly Museo Municipal de Madrid, where you can visit the temporary exhibition hall and the permanent one dedicated to "Topographies and urban stories" (where you can not miss the spectacular model of Madrid made by León Gil de Palacio, dating from 1830). The building is one of the best examples of Madrid’s baroque style. With nearly 60,000 coins, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, engravings, porcelain, coins and postcards, the museum’s collection offers an overview of the arts, industries, daily life and customs of the people of Madrid, from the time when it was elected capital of Spain in 1561 to the present day.

La Casa de las Siete Chimeneas, aujourd’hui siège du Ministère de la Culture, est un autre lieu à prendre en compte lors de notre visite historique du quartier de Chueca à Madrid.

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