Madrid Parkings in Cívitas Metropolitano

Author: "Wanda-Metropolitano", by Fernando Pascullo, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, source.

Park in Cívitas Metropolitano

The Metropolitano Stadium, also known as Cívitas Metropolitano due to the team's sponsors, was created in 1993, recently renovated and reopened in 2017. After the renovations, the stadium became the official stadium of the Atlético de Madrid soccer team, offering 68,456 seats to fans who want to attend matches.

Where to park in the Cívitas Metropolitano

Cívitas Metropolitano car park

The Cívitas Metropolitano Stadium has 4.000 parking spaces for club members only. In addition, 3.000 parking spaces are available on non-match days.

Parking on the street

The Cívitas Metropolitano is located in the district of Las Rozas in Madrid, a very central and lively neighbourhood that often become very busy during football matches and concerts. Parking on the street could be quite a difficult task, as parking spaces are limited and the locals tend to park in advance. For this reason we always recommend that you find out in advance where to park and consider booking a car park in advance.

You can find different options available for parking on the Parkimeter website by clicking here.

Cívitas Metropolitano and Atlético de Madrid

The club was founded in 1903 and has become a flagship club in Spain's top football league: La Liga, having played only 6 seasons in the second division since its creation. Los Colchoneros have won the Spanish league 11 times and, at European level, the Europa League 3 times.

The Cívitas Metropolitano stadium became the official stadium of Atlético de Madrid during the 2017-2018 season and saw the team win the Spanish championship in 2021. It was first created as part of the city of Madrid's failed attempt to host the World Athletics Championships in 1997. It was closed in 2004 after another failed attempt by Madrid to host the 2016 Olympic Games. It was after this closure that it passed into the hands of Atlético Madrid in 2013 and began renovations to accommodate more fans.

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