Madrid Parkings in Gran Vía

Gran Vía is Madrid's best-known street, it starts in calle de Alcalá, in the center of the city, and ends in the Plaza de España, in the northwest. Initially known as the Madrid broadway, it is now an area of restaurants and fashion shops.

Author: Wikimedia source.

Park in Gran Vía

Created between 1910 and 1929, Gran Vía is the most famous boulevard of Madrid. It connects the districts of Salamanca and Argüelles. It is lined with shops, restaurants and some of the capital’s most iconic buildings.

Historically, it has received many other names, such as Avenida de Rusia or Avenida del Quince y Medio. The most important was José Antonio’s Avenida, in homage to José Antonio Primo de Rivera for his victory in the civil war.

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