Madrid Parkings in Malasaña

Epicenter of alternative life and originally know as Barrio de Maravillas, Malasaña is a neighbourhood of the Centro district of Madrid. It is confined in general terms by the streets of Princesa, Gran Vía, Fuencarral, Carranza and Alberto Aguilera.

Author: Juan Antonio F. Segal source.

Park in Malasaña

Malasaña is a district in the Centro of Madrid, located in the heart of the city between Gran Vía, Fuencarral, San Bernardo and Carranza streets. It is located between the districts of Chueca and Conde Duque. It represents an explosion of life and culture in the center of the Spanish capital.

It is a district with a great personality and a strong concentration of bars, bookshops, street markets, restaurants and vintage spaces. Plaza del Dos de Mayo is one of its nerve centers, where alternative street markets are organized from time to time. The other key point in the area is Calle del Pez. Once known as a major commercial centre.

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