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Car Park in Vigo

Parking in Vigo
Vigo, located on the coast of the Rías Baixas (Pontevedra), has one of the most important ports in Galicia, is its most populated municipality, one of its main economic drivers as well as an important cultural and tourist pole.

Vigo is located in the Galician province of Pontevedra by the Atlantic. It is the heart of the Rías Baixas and it enchants by its energy, climate, gastronomy, culture and landscapes. It is a place of great tourist interest because it combines tradition, due to its strong maritime identity, with modernisation, which has occurred due to the urban development of the city. Vigo arose due to its port, which is one of the best natural ports in the world, already used and valued since Roman times. Its maritime potential has allowed the city to have a great growth and even today we find there magnificent buildings from that time.

How to get there

Due to its preponderance and urbanization, Vigo has many accesses. It is not difficult to reach the city mainly if you come from the north of Portugal, Madrid, A Coruña or Santiago de Compostela.

If you are coming from the north of Portugal, take the A3 motorway in Porto which gives you access to the AP9 and A55 roads, both of which lead to Vigo. If you choose to travel by train, the international line Porto -Vigo leaves twice a day from the Portuguese city and then the same in Vigo. If you prefer buses, the companies Autna, Flixbus and Alsa run the route Porto-Vigo.

If you travel from Madrid, the most interesting thing is to do the trip by car to get to know Galicia in a special way. The trip takes about 6 hours and is done through the A6 and A56 highways. If you wish to travel by public transport, you have different options of trains and buses that leave from the capital.

If you are travelling from Santiago or A Coruña, the best road is the AP9. For transport, you have the Renfe buses and regional buses.

If you are coming from further away, you won't have any problems either. Vigo Peinador Airport is the airport serving southern Galicia and is only 20 minutes from the city centre. Whether you are travelling from Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia, Tenerife or the Canaries, flying is the fastest option as all these locations operate direct flights.

Where to park your vehicle

If you need to park your car during your stay in Vigo, Parkimeter has the solution for you. We offer you cheap, secure and well-located parking so you can enjoy the city without any worries.

Car Parking

One of the options we have is El Dorado car park [] which is in the heart of Vigo. It is a cheap option and it is open 24/7. Also, it is close to Vigo-Guixar train station. In Corazón Maria and near the Castro fortress, you will find the IC - Venezuela car park [] . You are close to the Castro de Vigo monumental area and Plaza Espanya. The car park is guarded 24/7. Another offer we have in the city centre is the IC car park - Fernando El Católico [] in Plaza de Fernando el Católico, which is located in the well-known Urzáiz street. It is a commercial and financial area and is close to the train station. Finally, Parkimeter provides you with parking inside the airport. The General A1 Vigo car park [] is an official AENA car park and is open 24/7.

Old Town

The historical centre of the city is called Cidade Velha. It is in the area that corresponds to the old quarter of sailors and fishermen, the Berbés. Here you will find the Constitution Square, old fishermen's houses, the Santa María Collegiate also known as the Vigo-Tui Cathedral and O Pedra Market, the best place to taste Galician traditional food, especially oysters.

Modern Part

The most modern part of the city stretches along the Puerta del Sol, Colón and Urzáiz, and is characterised by wide avenues and famous buildings, such as the Garcia Barbón Cultural Centre. In this area is Vigo's main viewpoint, the Monte do Castro, surrounded by forest and the ruins of the 10th century O Penso Castle. On its footing, the current Torre Castle was built in the 17th century. There you will also find various recreational activities.


Other points from which you can admire the beautiful views of Vigo are the hills of A Madroa and A Guia, around the city. Other points of interest are the Municipal Park of Castrelos, which is in the building of the old Pazo Quiñones de León, and the Museum of the Galician Sea, located in Punta do Muiño.

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